Winner of the 2017 Northeastern Minnesota Book Award in poetry and Runner-up of the 2017 Edna Meudt Poetry Book Award from the Council for Wisconsin Writers, selected by Sean Thomas Dougherty.

An original new voice, Crystal Spring Gibbins' poetry collection surprises with innovation while celebrating the natural landscape.

Now/Here blends history, naturalist observations, and experiences about living on both sides of the 49th parallel—the international border that separates Canada and the United States. Other poems in the collection focus on islandness, displacement, rural communities, and humans’ relationship with the environment. Like the lake waters of the northern wilderness, the power of these poems lies beneath the surface. 




This poetry chapbook is inspired by Eliza Spencer Brock’s (1810-1899) journals that she kept aboard the whale ship Lexington, during a voyage from May 21, 1853, to June 25, 1856. The journey took her to the Azores, Cape Verde Islands, New Zealand, Hawaii, and throughout the South Pacific.




Infinite Rust — “Re: Wild,” forthcoming Spring 2019

Arc Poetry Magazine — “Lake Sturgeon” with Joshua Schloesser

Poetry City — “Sultana Island Gold Mine”

The Minnesota Review — “Grass Dancer: A Prayer”

Hayden’s Ferry Review — “Sea/Words” and “Sea/Words II”

Cincinnati Review — “Bird Fragments & Migrations”

Absoloose — “Elegy for the Wild,” “Isle of Sighs,” “Now/Here”

The Untidy Season — “In the Far Field” and “Signs”

Yellow Medicine Review — “The Cartographer,” “Specimen No. 1030, Natural History Museum, Los Angeles, CA 2008,” “Touring the National Museum in Prague,” “Breaking the Still Life,” and “Skinning the Fish”